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Livelii helps Canadian Freelancers get health & dental coverage, paid vacation & sick days and get paid on time – simply by processing your invoices.

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Meet Lance.

Meet Lance.

He is a Canadian Freelance designer

He made $35,000 this year in freelance projects.

Lance used Livelii for all his invoices, and received

1 year of health & dental coverage + 9 paid days off

Lance went to beach and the dentist this year. Be like Lance.

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  • You're so close 0% of one year of coverageThe more freelance income you make and process through Livelii, the closer you will get to accessing your Livelii benefits.

Livelii Health & Dental Benefits Plan Overview

  • First-of-its-kind freelance health and dental plan comparable to a full time employee plan.
  • Benefits coverage is paid for by your clients.
  • No health check or physicals required for enrollment.
  • Dental 80%
  • Prescription Drugs 80%
  • Vision Contacts $200/Glasses $150 (every 24 months)
  • Extended Health Coverage $2,000
  • Professional Health Services $500 per calendar year
  • Life Insurance $30,000
  • Accidental Death Insurance $30,000
  • Emergency Medical Treatment $5,000,000(out of country)

Today’s workforce is changing, and we’re not just along for the ride, we’re leading the way.