Partnership alert: Virtual Gurus and Livelii

Partnership alert

We are excited to announce that Livelii recently teamed up with Virtual Gurus to offer their Virtual Assistants with easy access to affordable group health and dental benefits specifically designed for the self-employed.

Virtual Gurus is the leading marketplace for talented Canadian and American virtual assistants, and they’re on a mission to help busy organizations accomplish more while creating employment opportunities for underrepresented individuals.

With the launch of this one-of-a-kind partnership, Livelii and Virtual Gurus are excited to be working together to support independent and self-employed entrepreneurs in the pursuit of their business dreams! Candice Tate, a Virtual Guru and one of Livelii’s newest members said, “I’m super excited to start working with Livelii! One of my main pain points about working as a freelancer is that I don’t have available medical benefits…

but Livelii has taken care of that concern completely! I’ve definitely had comparable benefits while working full-time for specific companies, so I’m excited to get some first-hand experience with their program. The onboarding process was super-easy (much easier than some benefit applications I’ve done) and all of the representatives have been super knowledgeable. Looking forward to getting started!”

Livelii comes together as a group to tackle challenges, reduce fees, remove barriers, and provide transparent pricing each calendar year.

As a groundbreaking first-ever platform in Canada to provide insurance to freelancers and the self-employed at this scale, Livelii is proud to be a woman-led organization steering the charge. Visit and discover how self-employed Canadians can access a group benefits plan.