NEW PARTNERSHIP: Livelii and Women Who Freelance!

For years, Livelii has created a community for self-employed folks to celebrate all of your great work and achievements. Today, our community grows: we’re teaming up with Women Who Freelance!

Self-employed Canadians experience a variety of joys and pains when it comes to managing their businesses. Livelii’s mission is to make it a little easier. Our competitive health and dental benefits provide critical tools to help support self-employed livelihoods across Canada, so they can get back to growing their businesses.

Alongside the amazing community at Women Who Freelance, we hope that our partnership will not only bring like-minded Canadians together to collaborate, but also bring your health to the top of your priority list too.

Livelii comes together as a group to tackle challenges, reduce fees, remove barriers, and provide transparent pricing each calendar year. As a groundbreaking first-ever platform in Canada to provide insurance to freelancers and the self-employed at this scale, Livelii is proud to be a woman-led organization to steer the charge. Visit and discover how self-employed Canadians can access a group benefits plan.