How do I claim health and dental deductions as a self-employed person?

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Health and Dental deductions: explained in 500 words

In the perfect world, everyone gets access to affordable health and dental benefits in Canada. Our current system favours individuals who are traditionally employed at an organization and can gain access to subsidized healthcare and dental insurance plans that have great coverage, and most of all — are easy to claim.

So, what happens when you are a self-employed freelancer and need health and dental benefits? We’ve gathered the 3 key things to know about health and dental coverage, so you don’t have to search Reddit for it.

What qualifies as a health and dental deduction for freelancers?

Truthfully, a lot! Health and dental deductions are line items that you can deduct come tax season. The Canadian government has made this handy list of what medical expenses are deductible. This includes things like an air conditioner, dentures and hospital services. Some expenses do require more paperwork than others in order to be claimed, so speak to your tax advisor about your specific claims in order to have all the proper documentation ready during tax season. Especially if it’s a big ticket item (like a root canal) we recommend you speak to your tax advisor beforehand to ensure that you have all your ducks in a row before you put your credit card down.

How do I claim health and dental deductions as a self-employed person?

These claims are expensed when you do your taxes that year. If you work with a tax professional, they will be able to input these claims on your tax return as long as you provide them with the correct information and documentation. If you’re planning to claim these deductions by doing your taxes yourself, you’d be looking at Line 33099 for self or your spouse, or Line 33199 for your dependents. It can get complicated as it does require specific percentage points pulled from your net income line items, so we suggest reaching out to a tax advisor to help you through it.

What health and dental benefit packages are available for self-employed Canadians?

There are plenty of different insurance providers out there that you can purchase for yourself as a freelancer or self-employed individual. The issue with many of these benefit packages is that they either have:

  • Low coverage on their packages

  • Are very expensive for solo folks

  • Both

The numbers just stack up: Livelii is cheaper than nearly all of these packages (some competitors are $40+ more than us!) and we provide tens of thousands of dollars in additional savings through our robust life insurance, health and dental coverage.

Remember: The insurance world is built around the traditional individual who works within a larger organization that is willing to subsidize the cost of group benefits packages. The insurance process lacks (and often ignores) the plight of the average self-employed Canadian that just needs to see the dentist every once and while without breaking the bank.

Livelii was designed to solve the problem. Our individual package is only $99/month and allows freelancers, gig workers, contractors and self-employed individuals to get coverage for health and dental benefits that they usually are denied access to. If you have dependents, our package goes to $199/month. That’s it!

No gimmicks, no hidden fees. Just solid health and dental insurance for self-employed Canadians. Livelii comes together as a group to tackle challenges, reduce fees, remove barriers, and provide transparent pricing each calendar year. Visit and discover how even freelancers can get their benefits covered.