Earn more for the work you do with Livelii.

Livelii collects funds on your behalf for your health & dental benefits, paid days off, and payment processing from your clients.

Invoice and Estimate

Create your Invoices and Estimates.

Use Livelii’s powerful invoicing and estimating tools to create payment requests from your clients.

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Adjust collection on each payment request.

Adjust your collection rate on each invoice to fund your benefits, paid days off, and to support direct deposit into your account.

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Fund your Freelancer benefits.

Once you receive your payment, we update your account with the funds earned invoice by invoice. The minute you reach your benefits threshold, you’re covered for 12 months of health & dental benefits (without any health assessments) and can start earning paid days off.

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Get paid online and on time.

We gently nudge your clients for near due and past due invoice payment. We use 2% of your collection rate to reward clients for paying you within 30 days.


Get an extra $10 monthly, just for being a member.

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Get tools to help you thrive.

Regular Insider Tips, Tricks and Insights on how to thrive as Freelancer. These are ongoing insider resources like Annual Hourly Rate Surveys to know your worth, Top Contract Clauses to cover your butt and get what’s yours, Top Tools Freelancers Need, and much more.

The fine print.

To get you enrolled in our Health & Dental Benefits plan you must have 12 months of estimated premium in your Livelii account. The day you hit that mark, we'll get you enrolled and deduct a portion of the annual premium for that calendar year. From there, we help you maintain an estimated 12 month premium at all times. Premiums renew on January 1st of each year, and we do our darndest to negotiate the best for our members.





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Livelii Health & Dental Benefits Plan Overview

  • First-of-its-kind freelance health and dental plan comparable to a full time employee plan.
  • Benefits coverage is paid for by your clients.
  • No health check or physicals required for enrollment.
  • Dental 80%
  • Prescription Drugs 80%
  • Vision Contacts $200/Glasses $150 (every 24 months)
  • Extended Health Coverage $2,000
  • Professional Health Services $500 per calendar year
  • Life Insurance $30,000
  • Accidental Death Insurance $30,000
  • Emergency Medical Treatment $5,000,000(out of country)

Today’s workforce is changing, and we’re not just along for the ride, we’re leading the way.