Tools to Earn You More & Save You Time.


Get from estimate to money in the bank and on your way to funding benefits and paid days off in 3 clicks.


Easy project estimates.

Create, deliver, and get client approval.


  • Duplicate projects
  • Personalized library
  • Create, deliver, and approve

Flexible invoicing.

Convert your approved estimates into invoices.


  • Seamless creation
  • Personalized library
  • Option to set your collection rate to fund benefits and paid days off

Payment processing & Management.

Process invoice payments, incentivizing clients to pay on time and get paid via direct deposit - with no added cost to you.


  • Near due payments are tracked & clients incentivized to pay within 30 days
  • Payments processed by direct deposit
  • Encrypted and secured payment - powered by Versapay

Membership is your gateway to making freelance work in your favour.

Being a member and processing invoice payments is how you access exclusive Freelancer benefits with Livelii.

All plans include:

  • Access To Benefits & Paid Days Off
  • Unlimited Estimates & Invoices
  • Optional Payment Processing
  • Client & Freelancer Notifications
  • Detailed Reporting & Exports
  • Email Support
  • Apps for iOS & Android
  • Desktop Interface for Client Payments

Take advantage of free 6-month membership.

This part is all you!

Membership Breakdown

Goes back to you – toward funding exclusive Freelancer health and dental benefits and paid days off.
Goes to admin fees for processing payments, bettering the platform and building more solutions to take on the challenges Freelancers face.